The Basics of Screen Printing Frisco TX


The first step to getting the best screen printing in Frisco TX is understanding just what screen printing is. The process of screen printing got its name from the screen-like, mesh stencil that the process uses to apply ink to some other material. Ink is applied to the mesh, and then the mesh with its ink is applied to some substrate that will bear the image. The substrate that takes the image can be anything from clothing, to stickers, to posters, to wood, and beyond. Now screen printing is most often used to talk about a kind of stencil printing, where the blank spaces of a surface are covered to protect them from the ink that is pressed on to the surface’s open spaces. The whole process is considered one of the most artistic printing procedures available and can be utilized to create printed images that are both creative and effective in a way that much of the regular printing process is considered lacking.

Screen printing is an incredibly popular method of printing on different and disparate surfaces because it allows for a wide variety of color depth and expression. Because the screen printing process allows for ink to pressed through the stencil and on to the surface, it also allows for control over how much ink is added, and how much of the stencil the ink actually takes up. This may seem like an incredibly simple process, but it allows for an enormous degree of expression in the application of the ink, which allows the people who seek to use screen printing in Frisco TX the ability to tailor their final product specifically to their tastes in a way that few other printing processes can attempt.

When you decide that it’s time to investigate screen printing in Frisco TX and discover all of the options it has available and how those options might be best put forth for you, then you want to contact Texas House of Graphics. With their experience you will be able to better understand the screen printing options that are available to you. Once you understand the screen printing that you have access to, you’ll be able to make the kind of artistic decisions that you need to in order to create the final printed product that you’re looking for. Find them at to learn more about the printing process and how it can be used to your advantage.

Screen Printing Frisco TX
Texas House of Graphics
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Frisco, Texas 75034

Once you understand screen printing Frisco TX you’ll want to turn all your screen printing needs over to Texas House of Graphics to handle.

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custom print tshirt
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make your own custom tshirts with And How T-shirt Printing for your shirts at

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5 Gag Gift Tips For 75th Birthday Celebrants


Organize a fascinating birthday celebration; personalize a funny t shirt; customize other accessories; amaze the birthday celebrant with a comical cake; or have a compilation of funny pictures and videos. These are fascinating gag gift tips you can consider that will certainly entertain anyone on his or her 75th birthday celebration.

Senior birthday celebrants enjoy a birthday that is full of laughter, fun, and memories. During the celebrant’s 75th birthday celebration, make his or her day with a surprise gag gift. Below are some exciting and entertaining gag gift ideas for the 75th birthday celebrant:

Hold a very funny birthday celebration

Especially if the celebrant is your parent or grandparent, you may organize a funny birthday celebration for them. There are several unique and humorous 75th birthday party ideas you can choose from. You can have a super hero costume party where the celebrant himself wears a groovy costume; an old-fashioned children’s celebration where magicinas, clowns, mascots, and mimes, and other entertainers perform; and several other entertaining ideas.

Customise a funny tshirt

One of the more fun and valuable gift items you can give a celebrant on his 75th special birthday is a humorous custom-made t-shirt. The birthday celebrant could wear it anytime of the year if he wants to, and there are several colors and prints to choose from at several specialty stores. You may also decide to produce your own line to go on a shirt which you think is perfect for the celebrant, like “I’m 75 and Still Rocking” and “I’m 75 and Still Hot as the Sun Above.”

Customise other accessories

You may also have other items custom-printed, such as pens, bags, aprons, mugs, and caps, and more. Think of a one-line gag to print on this stuff that may definitely bring a smile to the face of the birthday celebrant, such as “75 and Still Counting” or “Aged to Perfection.”

Surprise the celebrant with a hilarious cake

Cakes are always present at birthday celebrations. Delight a 75th birthday celebrant with a cake which has a humorous design or quote on it. You can use numbered candle lights and alternate the numbers, representing 57 instead of 75. You can also have a specialised cane- or wheelchair-shaped cake designed, whichever best fits the celebrant.

Create a compilation of funny pictures and video clips

Entertain a celebrant with a great sense of humor with some of his own interesting images and video clips from the past until the present compiled on a single Cd. You need to choose only those which are funny and exclude any truly embarrassing clips. You can simply arrange the pictures and video clips in folders or you could make a slideshow to make it easier for the celebrant to see anytime he likes. Play the slide show during the party to make it a birthday celebration to remember for always.

One final idea to consider before providing your gag gift is this: find out which humors are fun and which of them are insulting or embarrassing. Some people may grow more sensitive as they get older, so make sure that your celebrant has sense of humor and is a known joker and your gift will truly be appreciated and enjoyed.

For additional memorable and enjoyable 75th birthday party ideas, make sure you pay a visit to

Written by Danica Reynes.
For more enjoyable and memorable 75th birthday party ideas, you should check out

make your own t-shirt
custom print tshirt
Image by lory.lindner
make your own custom tshirts with And How T-shirt Printing for your shirts at

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Why not learn more about Coupons?

Coupon Codes – Getting The Most Out of Them

Given the hard times we live in today, finding the best ways saving money when it comes to shopping is something that everyone is looking to. A lot of people found that one of the best ways of doing so is to make use of the coupon codes in order to be able to get great discounts in particular products online. There are many great advantages that you can get from using coupon codes. These are things that are given by online sellers on a monthly or a weekly basis, which means you will have to check regularly. There are a lot of things you can learn when it comes to this.

Among the things you should know about this is that these codes are also used in sales. One of the best ways to be updated when it comes to these things is to subscribe using your email address.

If you really look into this, you will find that you can practically buy just about everything and be able to get great discounts when you make the purchase. This is considered to be a lot better and much cheaper as compared to the conventional ways of shopping. With this, not only will you be able to save money from the discount, but you will also be saving time.

The internet is a very good tool you can use to look for these coupon codes and by making use of the search engine, you will find that the search is a lot easier that it looks. Being as specific as possible is very important in order for you to be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You will find that you may need to spend some time in your search but once it pays off, you will find it to be all worth every single second of your while. Among the things you should know when it comes to this is that there are plenty of websites out there in which promo codes are given exclusively and you just have to find them. It would be a wise course of action on your part to check out these websites.

Some of these codes can also be used more than once and making wise use of them is something you should consider doing. There are also rare coupon codes that give you great saving but they can be difficult to track down. When it comes to finding these promo codes, you will find that it will become much easier on your part when you do more research.


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Why People Think Sales Are A Good Idea

How Businesses Should View Coupon Codes

When we speak of coupon codes we should not only think of it as something beneficial to online shoppers because these coupons benefit business as well. Especially during holidays, a lot of shoppers look for discounts on items that they need to celebrate the holidays. A properly designed coupon code can help shoppers get the discounts that they need and at the same time business owners will be able to increase their sales and profits. It takes more than putting a few percentages off items to gain the maximum benefit of coupons to companies. Business owners must see to it that shoppers are indeed attracted to these promo codes that businesses are offering so it must follow a well defined measure.

This discount campaign should be designed in such a way as to think ahead of what people will be needing to celebrate this particular holiday. This is not only so that they can keep the date or the occasion in mind. This also enables them to remember that day is fast approaching, so they have to do something, or lose the chance to celebrate it. There should also be that urgency to make them do something now because you promo will last up to a certain date only. For example “Hallow-Halloween 2016” says a lot about the occasion, when it’s going to be and how people usually celebrate them. In other words, when you use an easy to remember code it would be easy to recall them. When someone ask you remember this code “PROMO-ON 9A6”, well, you are not making it any easier for them.

One other thing that businesses need to remember when discounting items though coupon codes is to see to it that the discounts are easy to calculate. This will enable customers to know immediately how much they will save if they buy the item. A ten percent discount is easy to calculate than a fourteen percent discount.

To encourage people, make sure that you do not put too many restrictions in the use of the coupon code. So if it is very easy to apply promo codes with not much restriction you will find more people buying your products .

It must also be borne in mind that not all businesses will have the same goal for the holidays. When we say goals we mean the reason why they are having a promo campaign. If you are new in the business and you are inspired to create people’s awareness about your company, acquiring new customers while not losing money would be a valid course to take. There are other business goals like making a big gross profit or clearing out stock that are nearing expiration or backdated stock.


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Learning The “Secrets” of Sales

Top Ways to Find Online Coupon Codes

Shoppers have discovered how easy it is to save money with the use of coupon codes. Many shoppers, however, do not use coupon codes because they simply do not know how to find them, among other reasons. How then do you find online coupon codes for your shopping?

If your search is being conducted on a retailer’s site, ensure to look for coupon codes before stacking items onto your shopping cart. Doing so will keep away inconveniences that usually result when shoppers temporarily put their shopping on hold to search for coupon codes that the respective stores have on offer. Note that the design of most e-commerce websites does not facilitate such temporary stops, so ensure to look for codes before you commence your shopping.

One of the quickest ways of finding coupon codes is visiting coupon code sites because these are exclusively meant for such information. Using this arrangement eliminates inconveniences related to using your browser to conduct the search and evaluating the thousands of results you get from the process. By specifying your search terms with phrases like free shipping, the results you get will be fewer and easier to evaluate, making your search faster.

Many e-commerce sites allow visitors to sign up to receive coupon codes. If you do so, there will be periodic alerts to your mail inbox of available coupon codes from the retailers. The coupons received through mail alerts are often to be used once only.

Not many retailers post active coupon codes on their sites, so finding them online and off their webpages is the only way to find them. Searching with the terms “discount codes”, coupon codes”, or “promo codes” will get you access to them. Alternatively, your search terms could include names of your favorite retailers or brands.

The social media pages that are operated by retail stores also contain coupon codes that you can use. The moment you like or follow a social media page of a retailer, notifications of coupon codes will alert you when the retailer avails them. An alternate way is to search the social media page of the retailer since this is where you will find coupons that were posted previously.

You can find several automated online shopping tools that also double as browser add-ons. Using them is easy since they will pop up messages that show active coupons when visiting retailer sites that have them. Using them is easy when shopping from particular retailers only but not when searching for specific products online.

Coupon codes can also be found by requesting retailers for them. If you are a new customer, you might be very lucky because the store may offer you discounts since it is customary for retailers to offer them to attract new shoppers. That does not mean that you can’t ask for discount or coupon codes if you have ordered from them before because you might have missed a notification about their presence.


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Say hello to these quirky autumn prints!


Autumn is in and so is the league of latest fashion trends.  With extravaganza prints and luring patterns, the bouquet of option is aplenty. Blouses online are available in nature friendly designs representing the aura of autumns. As for the lowers, options such as shorts, jeans, skirts or palazzo’s offers the latest trends in the market. While exploring ladies jeans online varieties such as rugged style, solid colour, shaded or faded can be chosen that are give an edgy appeal. The ensemble is incomplete without bags. This autumn, pick up bags online which have quirky prints in tasselled colours blending in perfectly well with the nature’s background:

  • Botanical inspired prints– Well what can fit in well with this autumn are the prints which are inspired from the Botanical garden. With florals, leaves and stems, the prints invoke a sense of freshness. Imbibed with feministic touché the entire appeal is so exotic that it can be carried on tops and dresses alike. While selecting blouse online do check the eco-inspired botanical designs


  • Playful strips – No we are not talking about the usual vertical and horizontal strips. Oozing a hint of tribal or vintage appeal, the optical strips are the ones trending this autumn. Careful mix of strips in undulating and carefree patterns evokes an aesthetic appeal which is a feast for the eyes. Do look for quirky and offbeat strips while scouting ladies jeans online for that unique look
  • Pop cultured prints– Love blend of colours that gel with each shade for a mesmerizing appeal. Go for pop cultured prints. The basic involve using different shades of reds, blues and greens and mixing them up in a manner which vouches for an exquisite print pattern. Bags online can be looked for these pop cultured prints to don on a chic look.
  • Trendy Neo-classical prints– Generating a repeated silhouette pattern, the neo classical prints somewhat represents a vintage style of fashion. Gelling in well with loose fitted apparels, the neo-classical prints are ideal for hoopskirts and maxi dresses.
  • Animal printsBlouses online that have an animal prints, easily catch our eyeballs. A sizzling look can be sported with these animal prints which are filled with sensuality in its very fibre.




In the present scenario, keeping up with the trends is imperative for every fashionista. There are no dearth in designs, prints and patterns but while shopping in the online sites, look for blouses online that have these quirky prints. Pair them up with contrasting or matching bags to complete the look. Bags online are available in all kinds of fabric, designs and unique prints that can speak out your personality. Also do pick up ladies jeans online that have your whimsical designs but are body con hugging and have that preppy feel. Prints are revamping the style statements this autumn, so make the most of it and display your attire with autumn. After all every season has its own flavour and draping in the seasonal ferv our can be fun and interesting.


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The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Coupons

Saving Money With Online Coupon Codes Shopping online can bring you a number of important benefits. For most people, online shopping is really convenient. When online shopping first began to grow, the question for many online retailers was how their customers could enjoy the same kind of savings that customers could get from discounts and coupons used in stores. Not long ago, to use a coupon, you had to print it out and carry it into an actual store location. Thanks to the invention of the online coupon code, this is no longer a problem for people who want to use their coupons online. Coupon codes, or promotional codes, are the alpha numerical codes that you will find on most online coupons enabling you to use them in an online checkout situation. Therefore, your coupon or discount offer will be just as valuable for use online as it would be in an actual store. If you want to save money on all of your favorite brand names the best thing you can do is look for online coupon codes by visiting the websites of our favorite retailers. Of course, if you have difficulty finding coupon codes at the website of your favorite apparel company, you may want to look for websites dedicated to specifically to providing online coupon codes to customers. For several years department stores had an advantage over online retailers because they could accept printed coupons from customers allowing them to enjoy instant savings and discounts that online shoppers could not enjoy. However, today, these same retailers are doing business online as much as they are in stores. For this reason, just as they have always made their coupons available in mass circulars and newspapers, online coupon codes are now being made available on a variety of coupon code websites. All you have to do is visit the home page of a website dedicated to online coupon codes, promo codes and discount offers, and you are sure to find hundreds of dollars in savings available to you.
The 5 Laws of Stores And How Learn More
Saving money is really important for many of us, especially in these uncertain economic times. Through the use of online coupon codes, you can actually save a great deal of money on items like clothing that you would end up having to purchase regardless. Those who wish to save money on their favorite brand name merchandise should take a minute to look on the web for online coupon codes. It is possible to find great promotional offers and online coupons from retailers like Sears and apparel companies like Urban Outfitters. All you need to do is perform an online search for the best online coupon codes available.Understanding Coupons


T-Shirts Are Good For A Lot Of Things


T-shirts are good for a lot of things. You can wear them or use them as car seat covers, or even use them to wash the car. They work well not only for those purposes, but also work well to express your thoughts and advertising.

The appearance of advertising is utilized by many companies and organizations. The liner acts as a walking billboard and a way to keep advertising time after the initial expense of the shirts. This is one reason why they are so effective. Because once you distribute the shirts, the carrier does the rest.

This is one reason why you want to use a quality product. Give a shirt quality that lasts and is well done will make the person wearing the shirt to keep wearing the shirt. The t-shirt will also last longer because it is not made of cheap materials so they wash better and keep after several washings and drying.

So by using the best materials available and giving out a quality shirt, you will ensure that the shirt will be advertising for you for a long time to come. It means that your invested dollars will go further and that the advertising campaign will be worth the investment. When people are walking around wearing a shirt that has your logo or name on it, it is like getting free advertising after the second time they wear it. But you need them to want to wear the shirt and most of the time you don’t have to worry about that because people love to wear t-shirts anyway.

What you have to work the person is having to wear the shirt several times. The more times an individual wears this shirt, the best and if you have a lot of people wearing the shirt multiple times, then you’ve hit the jackpot. It should be comfortable and be something that is elegant enough for people to want to wear, but quite clear what he advertises. In this way, the person who gets the shirt want to wear the shirt. The last thing you want to do is print a bunch of shirts, distributed and people are too ashamed to wear shirts because they look funny. This way, your investment will continue to work for you.

T shirts are everywhere you turn. There are funny tshirts, expressive tees and t-shirts that market a company or business. To browse through a selection of custom t-shirts check out

make your own t-shirt
custom print tshirt
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make your own custom tshirts with And How T-shirt Printing for your shirts at

This bleach staining process has been around for a number of years but has remained relatively unknown. The potential complexity and variety of images that can be made is virtually unlimited. More examples of what can be achieved and alternative staining methods can be found here:

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Here are links to the first two designs used in this video:
Smaller Rocket with center cut out to save on printer ink:

If you can’t buy freezer paper in your country you can make your own using this guide:

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Why Roofs Aren’t As Bad As You Think

A Quick Guide to Residential Roof Repair

Every home owner has the fear of ever having to experience a leaky roof. This is because having a single leak on the roof can result to the entire dry wall to break down. This is where the residential roof repair comes in to save you the dangers of having a leaking roof. However, for the very small damages like a broken shingle in need of replacement, that you believe can be easily fixed, homeowners can try a DIY residential roof repair.

When it comes to the residential roof repairs that have a metal flashing, the professionals will be needed in this case because these are a bit difficult to do. Fixing a metal flashing is a job that must be done only by the professionals because it requires a perfect connection to the roof and it can affect the neighboring wall. It is crucial that you have an idea that in most residential areas, the most common reason of a leak in the house hold happens in the flashing point. It can also be a difficult task to find the source of leak if you have a flat roof so you must be aware of this before you start searching. The same goes for the sloped roofs which are some of the common problems that you might be facing that needs regular maintenance.
Options: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

The harmful UV ray of the sun is primarily the reason behind this because the constant exposure of the roof under the sun degrades the roofing material. What happens to the roof is it exposes the materials to an intense cycle of contraction and expansion on a daily basis which highly results to the wearing down of the layers.
3 Services Tips from Someone With Experience

The best thing to do when you need a residential roof repair is to call on the experts because if you decide to do this by yourself, you are exposing yourself to a number or risks. One result to fixing the roof by yourself is you might be increasing the damage instead of actually fixing them.

If you prefer to do the residential roof repair by yourself because you want to save money or any other reason, be sure that first you conduct a proper research in order to have the needed knowledge to do a successful job. One way for you to educate yourself is through reading some columns by the experts in the field. It will be best if you are able to find some article about the exact kind of roofing problem that you want to fix by yourself. Always remember that in residential roof repair, safety of yourself and your family must be prioritized.

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The Essentials of Rentals – Getting to Point A

Benefits Of Musical Instrument Rentals

Music bands are thrilled when they get hired for a gig. Who would not be when you can do what you love and be paid for doing it? Knowing that they have a backline is a really special bonus. It is the best day ever. That gig would be simple.

There will be no more wrestling with the instruments to get into the car. This also eliminates the need to carry your heavy instruments home, sometimes at wee hours of the morning. You can protect your instrument from any damages despite the bad weather you came home to after the gig simply because you did not take it. Having a backline eliminates the need for worrying too much about your instrument being exposed to extreme weather conditions.

For people who has limited exposure to music and performances, backline is what you call the equipment on the back of the stage which includes amplifiers for the musical instruments guitars, bass guitar, and keyboards. However, backline now also refers to the various musical instruments being played. A common trend among musicians these days is to do backline rentals.
The Ultimate Guide to Instruments

What are the advantages of backline rentals, specifically musical instrument rentals? Take a look at the list below of some benefits of renting musical instruments.
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Music

It means less work. By work, musicians are not purely referring to the time they play but also the preparation time prior to playing, the instruments tune up, the set up with the equipment and many other things they have to do to make that their instrument harmonizes with the available equipment. Preparation time especially tuning the instruments with the backline pieces of equipment take time. Carrying their own instruments into the event needs more time and effort because of the loading, unloading and carrying they have to do. With music instruments rental, it is convenient to just drive to the event and perform, then go home after.

Musicians who like to travel opt for renting musical instruments because they do not want to risk their own instruments getting any travel-related damages. Difficulty with customs can also be avoided when the musician opts for renting musical instruments.

To ensure that the types of equipment and instruments are in their best condition for use, these are routinely maintained and tested by technicians hired by music instrument rentals. So when you rent instruments, you can be sure that it has been properly maintained and would, therefore, deliver the quality sound you want.

Whatever kind of instrument your performance need can be hired in musical instrument rentals. Some corporate or theme events require vintage instruments, and these can be very expensive.

Musical instrument rentals offer delivery and collection service so you would not have to worry about lugging the instruments with you. If you want convenience, safety and quality instruments, it is best to go for musical instrument rentals. By checking the internet, you can easily create a short list of musical instrument rentals in your area.