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T-shirt printing is one thing in designing these days with a huge scope. From school, colleges to different events on national and international level, t-shirt printing is being done almost everywhere. There are a number of companies running their printing business, producing customized t-shirts for the young boys and girls. Even the service is provided online as well.You’ll see a number of websites related to graphic designing where they do customized printing of lots of other items as well besides t-shirts. All you have to do is to upload the design or artwork you want on your shirt and they will not only print it but deliver it at your doorstep as well.

Techniques Used in Printing:
With the advancements in technology and newer techniques being introduced, this is no more anything difficult. Some of the simplest and most common techniques used in t-shirt printing are:

* Digital printing which happens to give the best look to your shirts but is a bit expensive. This is mostly used in fashion industries or by the brands in designing their shirts.
* Screen printing where the image on the screen is flooded with ink and then transferred to the fabric.
* Heat press technique in which the design is imprinted by the application of heat and pressure.
* Embossed paints, which is not really a reliable one, but is used when customers want it at low prices.
* Spray paints, mostly used for sports shirts.
Benefits of Customized T-shirt Printing:
* Get it Your Way:
You can have you favorite quotation or design on your shirt by the very service. Not only shirts, this goes for every kind of fabric you are using. You can have them on your bags, laptop covers, beddings, hoodies, sweats, trousers, caps, wall hangings or anything else you want to. Customize your belongings your way and you shall definitely have a pleased feeling.
* For the Events:
Make your events more disciplined and impressive by having the same t-shirts designed for the people assigned the same tasks or responsibilities. Like those in management would have one kind and the others participating in the games or whatever is the event would have the other type.
* For Marketing Purposes:
Companies and brands get their logos and slogans printed on t-shirts for the marketing purpose; hence it becomes an advertisement in itself wherever it goes. These shirts are either given away as gifts to the customers or those working in purchase and procurement department are supposed to wear them for a better impact on suppliers and vendors.
* To Support a Cause or Create Awareness:
Then, the very smart technique can be used for creating awareness or for supporting a cause as well. NGOs get the t-shirts printing to spread a word about any of their campaigns like “no child abuse” or “protest against child labor”. On the other hand, these are equally influencing for political campaigns and processions. All the supporters of a political party wear the same customized shirts on any event or gathering to show unison.
* Cost-Effectiveness:
Along with other amazing facts about these printed t-shirts, these are extremely cost effective too. You can have it fit perfectly into your budget by having the quality of stuff or fabric that you want or keeping your images simple. Since, most of these t-shirts are made for one time only but required in a large number; people tend to have them in low quality fabric. But this does not mean you always have to do that. If you are looking forward to have an extra ordinary piece for yourself, you can go the other way round as well.In a nutshell, it’s for you and it’s going to be in any way you want it.

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