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Start a T-shirt Line Los Angeles


* Interested in creating your own line of custom apparel? Whether you need shirts for your band, business, group or organization, or just want to create a line of custom apparel to sell, we can print what you need.

* At Pellegrino Printers you no longer have to spend large amounts of money to start your own t-shirt line. As orders come in we print your shirts and ship them in 48 hours for a set price.

* Direct to garment printing brings your designs, photos, and ideas to life. With our design team we are able to reproduce digital images that maintain their vibrancy and look on both white- and dark-colored garments.

* Direct to garment printing brings your designs, photos, and ideas to life. With our design team we are able to reproduce digital images that maintain their vibrancy and look on both white- and dark-colored garments.

Pellegrino Printers, though a newly established business, is backed with a vast amount of experience and resources. It’s founder, Tina Pellegrino was a key player in the inception of American Apparel and worked with the company for over 15 years. During her tenure, Pellegrino worked in product development, private label and was the right hand to the CEO and founder. A natural at generating business and sales, she developed screen printing and tour merchandising programs that not only helped to grow the many companies that used American Apparel as a staple, but also helped drive that division of the company itself. Pellegrino went on to climb the ladder, eventually becoming Chief of Staff.

With an unwavering passion for building business, and the desire to share her knowledge, Tina launched Pellegrino Printers and has hit the ground running. Pellegrino Printers offers much more than your traditional print house. Because of her background, she has created a business model that can fulfill the merchandising needs of already established businesses, as well as companies that are new to the landscape. Pellegrino knows how to make your merchandising dollars count and is committed to helping to create a customized program, specific to the needs of each individual company she works with.

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Pellegrino Printers offers much more than your traditional print house, Tshirt printing Glendale & Direct to garment Los Angeles.

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custom print tshirt
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T-shirt Printing Methods


Looking to get a T-shirt printed? The first step is to get in touch with a graphic designer to turn your concept into digital design ready for the printing process.

Once you have your digital design you are ready to get in touch with a garment printer. Some garment printers have in house design teams so you may be able to get in touch with them directly regarding design.

How do you get my design from the cpmuter onto a garment?

There are a number of options to transfer your design on to a Tshirt or garment.

For low run designs with high numbers of colours, such as photographs a common method used is transfer paper.

What is a transfer print? A transfer print is a special type of paper than can have any image printed on to it and then heat applied to a tshirt using a heat press.

For low run simple designs such as text vinyl printing is a popular choice.

What is vinyl printing? Vinyl printing utilises CAD cut vinyl. Your design is created on the computer and then cut out from vinyl using a cad cutter. The design is then applied to your tshirt using a heat press. Vinyl is very durable and is a great option for more basic designs.

For high run projects that have single or multiple colour screen printing is the most popuplar method.

What is screen printing? Screen printing uses a mesh woven screen to transfer your design on to a tshirt. Ink is passed through the screen and then on to the shirt. The more colours that are in a design the more screens are required. Screen printing is a fantastic option for high run tshirt printing and is widely used for commercial tshirt production creating long lasting great looking T-shirts.


Embroidery is a fantastic method to get your logo on to clothing. Its ideal for small logos and is popular with commercial clients as it provides one of the most durable methods of branding clothing for businesses.

How does embroidery work? Designs first need to be stitch counted to work out the embroidery costs. A template of the design is then created for the embroidery machine to follow. There is an initial setup cost for these works to be done but this cost will not be incurred again on any future orders. Logos are usually embroidered to the left hand chest of garments but can also be embroidered in other positions.

Do I need to supply clothing?

No most garment printers use large clothing distributors offering wide ranges of Jjckets, shirts, ties, jumpers, hoodies, trousers, aprons, coats, fleeces and much more!

The best thing to do is get in touch with your local garment printer and tell them what you would like printed and on what type of garment.

Be clear about how many garments you want to get printed as this will help your garment printer to chooses the most suitable and cost effective method to transfer your design to your clothing.

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make your own t-shirt
custom print tshirt
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make your own custom tshirts with And How T-shirt Printing for your shirts at

Dark T shirt Transfer Paper – Make custom T-Shirts at Make Tshirts in minutes with our T shirt heat transfer material. Print the iron on transfer in an inkjet printer, cut the excess material, iron on the shirt, and peel away the liner. DIY Dark Iron-on T shirt transfer paper.

The software used in this video is the Online Labels exclusive – Maestro Label Designer. roblox unlimited pro Please visit this link for more information and to see how you can get free access to the software with every label purchase.


Design Your Own Custom T-Shirts Quick and Easy


In today’s world, we will do anything possible to speed up the process of any work. No matter what ever it could be from fast food to computers. We need everything to be done at the earliest without any issues. This is how we can keep ourselves equal to the pace of the world. We try to do things quickly on everything. What if I tell you that you can design a t-shirt of your own in quick time, how would you feel about it? Most of them will feel, it is impossible to easily design an own t-shirt in quick time. However, today there are several methods to design your own t-shirts in quick time. The main advantage of this process is that, it is easy and quick.
Earlier these same methods were available to design your own t-shirts. But, it was expensive. Initially you need to find a company that works on custom t-shirts to order. Then, you need them to come up with the design. Later you have to confirm the design or change if there had to be any changes needed. Then it would be tested for approvals. It was a lengthy process. The disadvantage of this process was that not being expensive but it would take weeks to get the design to the approvals of the samples. Finally, if the sample has any problem, it will be rejected and worked more on the designs.
Nowadays, you have the online custom t-shirt design tools to make your life easier. The online design tools will help you to design the t-shirt in quick time. There are many online templates available and if you wanted to add a family picture and add a phrase to it, it can be done in couple of minutes with the click of a mouse. Then all you have to do is find a company to print the design on the t-shirt. This is the easiest and quickest method to design a custom t-shirt.

In order to find out more on T-Shirt Designer and similar T-Shirt Design related resources, check out Design Contest which is a Online service where you can run a contest to get multiple designs for different services.

Awesome | Stylish Custom Printed T Shirt
custom print tshirt
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DIY T-Shirt Screen Printing – Print your own custom T-Shirts from home with items you may have. This is the easiest method for DIY T-Shirt printing or silk screen. Great custom shirts from home and easy with kids! Download our shirt templates for your DIY project below! ▶Shirt templates:

▶More templates:
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Design A T-shirt With Attitude


T-shirts have redefined the world of casual dressing and have become a way of expressing one’s personality. A favourite garment amongst all age groups, T-shirts never fail to make a statement of sorts. The modern day technological advances encourage all to air their creative streaks and design their own cool t-shirts. Various methods of t-shirt printing like airbrush embroidery, embossing, screen printing, heat and dye sublimation transfer method, laser printing etc can be used out of which some can be used directly on the garment.

The Printing Guide

T-shirts have experienced a huge transformation from yesteryears. With the ever changing times and trends, a number of innovative experiments in designing t-shirts has opened a world of opportunity for people to create their own personal t-shirts.

Methods like Screen printing can be applied manually to create any kind of print that you like. In this method, the design is broken into its different colors and then printed on the fabric through layering. A great method to print multi-coloured design, this can also give good special effects with glitter and gloss and textures.The technique requires a screen made of a woven material or mesh stretched over a wooden or aluminium frame. Each color has its own screen with the design image of that color. This method is economical and durable, however a little knowledge and practice can go a long way in producing rewarding results.

Direct-to-garment printing technique is an easy to set up and quick way to have your own custom t-shirts. It is an effective way to have t-shirts for a school group, charity drive and such-like activities when you need to spread a message or simply wish to show bonding. The working is quite similar to the regular desktop-ink-jet-printer. Here, special textile ink is used to directly transfer the design on the t-shirt. Their is a huge scope of experimenting with designs and patterns as the images are vivid and even elaborate detailing in designs is an easy target to accomplish. This method is versatile and can be used to print on any kind of fabric. What’s more, it is economical with a fast turn-around time and the presentation of the t-shirt is of a superior quality. The print gives a soft, flexible feel and wearing the t-shirt is no less than a sleek fashion statement!

Direct printing on the t-shirt can also be done by hand, using the stunning range of fabric paints available in the markets. Using any reference design of your choice, have fun painting your t-shirt just the way you would like it to be.

Another method to directly imprint your t-shirt is the heat transfer process which is actually very simple. Many malls offer pick-your-design t-shirts. All you need to do is choose your design and apply it to the t-shirt fabric with a heat-press machine. Such designs, however, are not long-lasting and can diminish after a few washes.

Exploring the different methods of direct-to-garment kind of printing is an experience in itself. Time to wear your attitude with your own designer t-shirt is here and now!

Zeljko Sakic is based in Australia and the owner of Teewiz, the leaders in Tshirt printing . He thoroughly recommends you to go ahead and try our unique online tshirt design tool at to create your very own masterpiece.

Dance T Shirt Custom Printed
custom print tshirt
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Custom Shirts— Make Your Own Statement


We all love to stand out, being uniquely identified and remembered. Who would not like to make their own statement? Many marketing companies work on this obsession possessed by human mind of being uniquely identified through branding. Particular style of clothes, specific type of shoes, particular brand of eye shades and much more is being promoted to the layman to let them enjoy having their personal statement. There is another wonderful means to vitalize your presence by customizing what you wear, particularly Shirts.

You can surely hundred percent make it your way. You can determine what ever you wish to; let it be the material, the color, the cut and shape, style, print designing and almost everything. Even custom can help you get the kind of the stitch you always wished to have. Custom clothing help you get the combination you find perfect.

When it comes to customizing, there are numerous options to choose from. Cotton, wool, silk, linens and cashmere are amongst the popular choices. You can consider the season when choosing the fabric. If you are customizing the shirt for a specific occasion then you must bear in mind the time and location of the event while choosing the fabric. The body type of the person is also important while making the selection.

As they say, “Dress for Success”, now you may control your success by crafting what you wear. Design your cloths the way you wish to be perceived, reflecting the right image and style. There are a lot of little things, which we always fuss about while purchasing the ready made shirts like the cuffs, collars and the pocket. But when you control the design you make it your way. Accurate measurement is significant for the right fit. Comfort is another important factor. The shirt should be comfortable to carry and must last long.

Make sure that you do not over-do as you get overwhelmed with the idea of designing it all by your self. Thoroughly review the designs you are finalizing so you could proudly enjoy and carry your creativity with grace.

It is always interesting to get something printed on the shirts specifically T- shirts. Prints go well on the T-shirts as they are less formal. Express your ideas, opinions and enthusiasm. You may customize your T-Shirt for a specific event. There are many other utilities of custom made T-Shirts which have made them the most popular of all.

You must be wondering if it is that easy to custom you shirts like this. Well, Yes! Technology is a great blessing in a lot of ways. There are now quality online shirt retailers who can efficiently assist you with this like It is convenient and quick, saving you from a lot of hassles and pain. It turns out to be good fun to design something for your own self of your own choice. Moreover, they do not leave you alone but give your creativity a better room through consultation and trendy suggestive options and this well easily done by few clicks.

My name is John Denmark and I am a fashion designer with a flair for new and trendy designs for the modern generation. Did you know that now you can design your own t-shirt? Visit t-shirt design to learn more.

Custom Black T-Shirt
custom print tshirt
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Custom Black T-Shirt with White QR Code

I was not impressed with the Vistaprint Quality but you don’t have a lot of options for a single black shirt with custom white printing.

New Customers: Try us VistaPrint and take an extra off your order!

QR Code is too big to read, make sure you have enough space around the QR code so it does not wrap.

Vista Print Black Custom T-Shirt Back QR Code Design

T-Shirt Front

T-Shirt Back

QR Code Generator




As a majority of you probably already know very well, doing graphic design, and specifically doing graphic design t-shirt printing are two totally different beasts in the world of graphic design. Sometimes you might work so hard to please a client who wants a t shirt design but the client ends up telling you that your great design won’t work for t-shirt printing. This problem is a very common problem in the t shirt printing sector. In this article, we are going to share with you tips on how to prepare your great tshirt designs for printing on tshirts.

1. Convert All Of Your Texts to Outlines

At times, your design may call for a custom designed font or a very obscure font . When Before sending your artwork off for printing, the last thing you would want to see on your design is a substituted font – that you did not select. By converting all the text to outlines, whenever your designed is opened on a computer,the computer will view the text on your design as an image, thus no font substitutions will be made.

To convert the text to outlines, just right click on the text with the selection tool of the software you are using and then click on create outlines.

2. Make Use of PMS Colors in Your Artwork

Typically you may do artwork in CMYK and RGB color modes, but to make use of the designs. This will also make the colour separations way much easier and very accurate.
Note; Your design printer should not charge you any extra cash for PMS color matching. You are actually saving the printer money by being particular on accuracy.

3. Create Your Design at the Actual Size

Do not just trust the printer’s judgment before discussing it with the printer first. The best way to defend yourself in this situations is to create the design in its final size.I you do not know the actual size you want, just use a ruler to the shirt you are wearing. Sounds crazy , but it works.

You can set the design size in the Document Setup menu, typically found under File.

4. Use Vector Design As Much As Possible

This is not just an usual argument over vector versus raster it’s a suggestion that you make use of vector designs as much as possible. Vector artwork makes colour separations easier and the final print comes out cleaner even in the small details.

5. Expand The Strokes You Use.

If you have set all your colour properly to PMS swatches, then the colour separations software will have no problem. This is error is more of human error that usually occurs because sometimes the strokes are overlooked. This tip can save you from ruining a great project from a small mistake. If you want to expand your strokes, just select what you want expanded then go to Object > Expand.

6. Set Your All Your Halftones with PMS Colors

This one goes along side by side with the first tip. At times, your budget or/and design a may call for the use of halftones so as to save on the amount of colours used when printing.

Author is an expert article writer who has written many articles on the topic of T shirt Printing that are published on the high quality websites. Currently, he is writing articles on T shirt Printing Singapore.

make your own t-shirt
custom print tshirt
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make your own custom tshirts with And How T-shirt Printing for your shirts at

Stephanie from shows you how to create your own unique prints with crayons, sandpaper, paper towel and an iron. For more DIY tips, follow us on Twitter @Tshirt_Canada
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