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The Various Places To Purchase T-Shrits


Years ago, the best place to get a t-shirt made was at a t-shirt store at the mall. You would get to pick what color shirt that you wanted and then you would get to pick out a decal from the hundreds that were displayed on the wall. There were so many to choose from that for younger kids, it could almost be overwhelming. This was the most difficult part of the process, because you didn’t want to make the wrong decision because if you did, every time you wore the shirt you would be disappointed.

You would be reminded of all the awesome decals that were on the wall and all the choices that would have been better than the one you ultimately picked. And being a kid, you couldn’t just go back to the store and pick up another shirt. You would have to wait until it was your birthday or another special occasion and then ask for another shirt.

You could dream of those transfers, a great glittering cobra or a monster truck or a cool picture of Mr. T. All these pictures were awesome and none of them would look on a t-shirt. All of these would be good on a t-shirt today, does not need to be more 1985. You have more choices these days.

With all the specialty shops and the Internet, there are endless places to get a t-shirt and you can have anything printed on it. You can also go with your own design and print on a t-shirt or a lot of shirts and sell them. It will be limited only by your imagination and if you’re creative, you can probably come up with a lot of different designs. Who knows, you might hit on something that a lot of people like and a lot of people want.

Trends are started every day and it doesn’t take many people to start one. A few high school kids are usually enough to get a new fad or trend started. All you have to do is come up with something that people will want. It is easier said than done of course and if anybody could predict what was going to be the next popular thing with kids or teens, then they would certainly never have to work another day in their lives. They would only have to sit around cashing checks.

Who does not love T shirts? No one, that’s who. Why not purchase Tee shirts for all those you love, or make them extra special by designing one on your own. To learn how you can get started on your custom design shirt, take a look at

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Several Gag Gift Suggestions For 75th Birthday Celebrants


Throw a crazy birthday celebration; customize a funny t-shirt; customize other accessories; amaze the celebrant with a amusing cake; or have a collection of crazy photographs and videos. These are fascinating gag gift tips you may consider that can certainly entertain a person on his or her 75th special birthday.

Older birthday celebrants enjoy a birthday that’s full of memories, fun, and laughter. During the celebrant’s 75th birthday, make his or her special day with a surprise gag gift. Below are some enjoyment and entertaining gag gift items for the 75th birthday celebrant:

Organize a very funny birthday party

Especially if the celebrant is your parent or grandparent, you could prepare a funny birthday celebration for them. There are numerous unique and hilarious 75th birthday party ideas you can select from. You may have a superhero costume party in which the birthday celebrant himself wears a groovy outfit; an old-fashioned children’s celebration where clowns, magicians, mimes, mascots, and other entertainers perform; and several other entertaining ideas.

Personalize a hilarious t shirt

One of the more interesting and valuable presents you can give a celebrant on his 75th special birthday is a hilarious personalized t shirt. The birthday celebrant could wear it anytime of the season if he wants to, and there are numerous colors and prints to choose from at various specialty stores. You may even opt to come up with your personal line to go on a tshirt which you believe is perfect for the celebrant, such as “I’m 75 and Still Hot as the Sun Above” and I’m 75 and Still Rocking.”

Customize other accessories

You can also have other things custom-printed, including caps, mugs, aprons, bags, pens, and more. Consider a one-line gag to print on this stuff that will certainly bring a smile to the face of the birthday celebrant, such as “75 and Still Counting” or “Aged to Perfection.”

Delight the celebrant with a humorous cake

Cakes are always present at birthday parties. Delight a 75th birthday celebrant with a cake that has a humorous design or quotation on it. You may use numbered candles and swap the numbers, representing 57 rather than 75. You can even have a specialty cane- or wheelchair-shaped cake designed, whichever best fits the celebrant.

Create a collection of humorous pictures and videos

Entertain a birthday celebrant with a good sense of humor with many of his personal humorous photos and videos from the past until the present compiled on one Compact disc. Make sure you select only those which are funny and exclude any kind of really awkward clips. You can simply arrange the photos and video clips in folders or you can make a slideshow to make it easier for the celebrant to view anytime he wants. Play the slide show in the party to make it a birthday to remember for always.

One last idea to consider before providing your gag gift is this: know which humors are exciting and which of them are embarrassing or insulting. Some people may grow more sensitive as they get older, so make sure that your celebrant has sense of humor and is a known joker and your gift will truly be appreciated and enjoyed.

Written by Douglas R. Williams. For additional enjoyable and memorable 75th birthday party ideas, you should pay a visit to

Why Oddica rocks
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The fine folks at Oddica sent me a cool t-shirt (the Exploded Turntable). Non-traditional print placment, stickers, custom mailer, postcards, button — and best of all, a pre-filled library card. Nice touch. Thanks, Oddica!


Create attractive t-shirt with custom online t-shirt design

Among the various kinds of garments that are a favorite with people – both young and old, men and women, the t-shirt holds a special place. One of the main reasons for this is the flexibility that the dress offers to wearers. It can be worn with jeans, formal pants, trousers, chinos, bermuda, skirts, palazzos, harem pants and even pajamas. In one word, t-shirt can be adorned with almost anything and everything. If you take a look around, you will find wide varieties of t-shirts on sale, in different styles and designs. Choose the one that matches your personality and your tastes.

Custom online t-shirt design – creating the design you like on the garment

If you are bored with the available t-shirt designs in the market, why not try something new and create a unique design for your garment. This is an excellent idea and you can show your creativity and innovation through the same as well. Try and create various kinds of designs that you want to print on your t-shirt or on some other garment. And then these designs can be easily printed on the garment with the help of screen printing or other garment printing techniques. Infact if you want a special design printed on the t-shirt and do not have any design in mind, the store that offers garment printing can also help you with the same. Usually the stores have unique t-shirt designs, which can be easily printed on the garments. You might make improvisations in the design to make it look better and more attractive.

T-shirt printing online – getting the printing job done from home

Demands for customized printed t-shirts are on the rise now. Such t-shirts are not only being worn by youngsters, but they are also being widely used in company events, special community programs, social drive issues and similar events. People are getting customized t-shirts for these occasions now as it helps in creating uniformity for the event. Whether you want a single piece t-shirt printed or need t-shirt printing in bulk, you can order the work from the convenience of your home. There are many garment printing companies that offer the facility of garment printing online. You just need to place your order online and it will be delivered to you at your given address. You need to provide all the specifications of the printing to the company.

3nuts – a premiere company offering excellent services of t-shirt printing online

Among the many companies that offer quality t-shirt printing services to customers, 3nuts deserves a special mention. The company has the best equipments for printing designs on various kinds of garments including t-shirts. Along with printing, the company also offers custom online t-shirt design in case customers do not have a pre-decided design. Orders can be placed with 3nuts online only and the completed set of printed t-shirts will be delivered at the provided address within the stipulated deadline. Materials used for printing on t-shirts are of the top quality. Also, the rates charged by 3nuts are highly affordable when compared to other t-shirt printing companies.

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Custom T-Shirt For Your Man This Valentine’s Day


T-shirts are attires that form an important part in the wardrobe of many people and some years ago, it was considered as the costume for men, but nowadays, women have great craze about this costume. They have different collection of plain and printed T-shirts in their wardrobe that are matching for the different jeans pants they have in their collection.

When it comes to men, young men, particularly college students love this attire the most for casual wear. Their funky, stylish and comfy features have made them as an important part in the wardrobe of many young boys and girls. If you are planning that you will have to present your boyfriend with the latest Valentine’s Day T-shirts, you can just select a plain attire in a color that will be likeable for your man and can custom print it with your favorite words like you can get your name and his name printed on it. Otherwise, if you think that he has a great craze for puppies, you can get the image of puppies printed on it and can make him feel happy with a surprise presentation.

You might be aware as to whether your boyfriend like long sleeves, v-neck types, paper tee, hoodie with the same color in the neck and body portion or contrast hoodies, you can get one in a color that he will like and can get the likeable words or images printed on it and can get it delivered to your doorstep to present him on the forth coming Valentine’s Day. Even, some of the companies dealing with different types of t-shirts for men and women, also have cap collections as well. So, a matching attire with appropriate cap can be a great gift to your lovable young man.

The best facility provided by some of these dealers is that you can create your own custom design or can select from the collection of designs available with them for getting the same printed after selecting a plain t-shirt. Furthermore, if you are planning for a trip along with your college friends, you can order group T-shirts with custom designs in such a way that you can enjoy discounts on bulk purchases.

These stores provide their service online and you can just visit their website and design the shirt on your own and can order the latest Valentine’s Day T-shirts for presenting them to your group of friends as well.

Inked-in garments specialize in designing of Custom t-shirt printing. We pride ourselves in providing the latest designs and high quality of tee shirts for events, functions, festivals, gifts much more. To know more details on design my own t shirts in Australia, Visit our website.

T-Shirts that went through customs
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