The Basics of Screen Printing Frisco TX


The first step to getting the best screen printing in Frisco TX is understanding just what screen printing is. The process of screen printing got its name from the screen-like, mesh stencil that the process uses to apply ink to some other material. Ink is applied to the mesh, and then the mesh with its ink is applied to some substrate that will bear the image. The substrate that takes the image can be anything from clothing, to stickers, to posters, to wood, and beyond. Now screen printing is most often used to talk about a kind of stencil printing, where the blank spaces of a surface are covered to protect them from the ink that is pressed on to the surface’s open spaces. The whole process is considered one of the most artistic printing procedures available and can be utilized to create printed images that are both creative and effective in a way that much of the regular printing process is considered lacking.

Screen printing is an incredibly popular method of printing on different and disparate surfaces because it allows for a wide variety of color depth and expression. Because the screen printing process allows for ink to pressed through the stencil and on to the surface, it also allows for control over how much ink is added, and how much of the stencil the ink actually takes up. This may seem like an incredibly simple process, but it allows for an enormous degree of expression in the application of the ink, which allows the people who seek to use screen printing in Frisco TX the ability to tailor their final product specifically to their tastes in a way that few other printing processes can attempt.

When you decide that it’s time to investigate screen printing in Frisco TX and discover all of the options it has available and how those options might be best put forth for you, then you want to contact Texas House of Graphics. With their experience you will be able to better understand the screen printing options that are available to you. Once you understand the screen printing that you have access to, you’ll be able to make the kind of artistic decisions that you need to in order to create the final printed product that you’re looking for. Find them at to learn more about the printing process and how it can be used to your advantage.

Screen Printing Frisco TX
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Once you understand screen printing Frisco TX you’ll want to turn all your screen printing needs over to Texas House of Graphics to handle.

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